Donald Trump is [behaving like] a pompous ass

A few days ago, Donald Trump announced that he will no longer serve Glenfiddich single malt scotch whiskey at any of the bars in his properties because the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland – Top Scot title was awarded (by public vote) to Michael Forbes, who refused to sell his land to Donald Trump as part of Trump’s plans to build a golf course. Forbes is a farmer and has lived on the land for 43 years.  The fact that the contest is only sponsored by Glenfiddich’s parent company William Grant and Sons and decided by a public vote shows how ridiculous The Donald is being in his decision.

So, everyone raise a glass of Glenfiddich in honor of Michael Forbes for both winning the Top Scot award and for not being bullied into selling his land!

Raise a glass of Glenfiddich

Raise a glass

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