White House changes the number of signatures required for petitions after Death Star request

You may remember the story from last week about a petition to the United States government to build a Death Star and the hilariously geeky response that followed.

Well, it seems the 25,000 threshold to have a petition considered has proven to be a little low to automatically weed out some of the less serious or committed petitions. The White house has now raised the threshold to 100,000 signatures. While the Death Star petition wasn’t directly sited, this move seems to have happened too soon to be a coincidence. This is an unfortunate turn of events for those with serious proposals, but I would imagine proposals that are well presented and supported will still be able to achieve the required amount of signatures to be considered.

Again, this is a perfect opportunity to check out some of the petitions (or start your own) and see if there is anything there you would like to support.  It’s a great way (other than the time tested standard of writing your congressperson) to get involved in the democratic process and make your voice heard.

Via NBC News

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