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New Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer

Even though some huge Trek fans didn’t like some of the time-traveling, canon-shredding parts of the previous Star Trek movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The casting of characters was spot on and really meshed with their previous selves. And seeing Simon Pegg in a huge sci-fi movie is a treat.

This next installment in the newly rebooted Star Trek franchise is looking good. Here’s the latest trailer. I like the back and forth between Kirk and Spock.

In theaters May 17th.

Much Ado About Nothing trailer – movie due in June

Much Ado About Nothing was always one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.  Right up there with The Taming of the Shrew.  I enjoyed its previous incarnation on the big screen with the Kenneth Branagh version in 1993, which also starred Keanu (Ted Theodore Logan) Reeves only 4 years after he did Bill and Ted.

The next foray into this heady arena is helmed by none other than the wildly popular and successful, geeky sensation, Joss Whedon.  I (like many geeks) enjoy a lot of Whedon’s work, and his take on this classic looks very well made and acted.  Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments.

In theaters June 21st.

Game of Thrones Season 3 extended trailer

The anxiously awaited Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer is here with a glimpse of some of the amazing things we’ll be treated to during the next season. For those of you who haven’t been reading the books (which I highly recommend, even if you’ve already watched the corresponding season of the show) I can tell you that you’re in for a very exciting show this season! There are many thrilling, powerful and unexpected moments coming our way. For those of you who have been reading the books, make sure to notice someone’s agony, someone’s army, a bear and a battle for the fate of one of our favorite characters.


White House changes the number of signatures required for petitions after Death Star request

You may remember the story from last week about a petition to the United States government to build a Death Star and the hilariously geeky response that followed.

Well, it seems the 25,000 threshold to have a petition considered has proven to be a little low to automatically weed out some of the less serious or committed petitions. The White house has now raised the threshold to 100,000 signatures. While the Death Star petition wasn’t directly sited, this move seems to have happened too soon to be a coincidence. This is an unfortunate turn of events for those with serious proposals, but I would imagine proposals that are well presented and supported will still be able to achieve the required amount of signatures to be considered.

Again, this is a perfect opportunity to check out some of the petitions (or start your own) and see if there is anything there you would like to support.  It’s a great way (other than the time tested standard of writing your congressperson) to get involved in the democratic process and make your voice heard.

Via NBC News

White House offers an official response to a petition to build a Death Star

Yes.  This is an actual thing.  The White House has a site (petitions.whitehouse.gov) where the average American citizen can start a petition to implore the government to consider a proposal, with the condition that it attracts at least 25,000 signatures.

Well, someone decided to petition the government of the United States of America to build a Death Star and received a whopping 34,435 signatures, prompting an official response from the White House. And it was awesome! This must be the geekiest administration I’ve been witness to, which in my mind is a good thing.

Read the full response below or at the official White House website:

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LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes coming this fall

From the minds that brought us the LEGO: Star Wars, LEGO: Batman and LEGO: Indiana Jones video games, comes the next logical step… LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes.  This game will be available for pretty much every conceivable console platform and will feature the same type of game play we loved in the previous LEGO titles.  It will also feature many Marvel Universe characters, such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Deadpool and many others.

The plot involves Nick Fury calling together many Marvel Universe super heroes to save Earth from various threats.

From the press release:

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes offers an original storyline in which Nick Fury calls upon Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine and other heroes spanning the Marvel Universe to save Earth from such threats as the vengeance of Loki and the hunger of Galactus, Devourer of the Worlds.  LEGO and Marvel fans will enjoy classic LEGO videogame adventure and humor, while playing as their favorite Marvel characters.