Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer can be seen in select theaters this Friday

The teaser trailer for the next Star Wars movie (which is Episode VII and entitled The Force Awakens, in case you have been frozen in carbonite until recently) will be airing at 30 select theaters across the United States the day after Thanksgiving, according to a recent announcement by Director J.J. Abrams.  Just one more thing to be thankful for.

J.J. Abrams Trailer Announcement Card

You’re in luck if you happen to be in any of the following cities:
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J.J. Abrams teases Millennium Falcon for Episode VII

In a tweet yesterday, J.J. Abrams included this photo as a playful hint at what you’ve probably heard elsewhere regarding the Millennium Falcon appearing in Star Wars: Episode VII:

JJ Falcon Card

I must say, I like his style.  And I have faith that this next installment of Star Wars is going to turn out to be well worth the wait.

(Also, if you’re not a big Star Wars fan and don’t understand the picture, that’s the table from inside the Millennium Falcon where Chewbacca and R2-D2 play holo-chess and where Leia consoles Luke after the loss of a friend.)

White House changes the number of signatures required for petitions after Death Star request

You may remember the story from last week about a petition to the United States government to build a Death Star and the hilariously geeky response that followed.

Well, it seems the 25,000 threshold to have a petition considered has proven to be a little low to automatically weed out some of the less serious or committed petitions. The White house has now raised the threshold to 100,000 signatures. While the Death Star petition wasn’t directly sited, this move seems to have happened too soon to be a coincidence. This is an unfortunate turn of events for those with serious proposals, but I would imagine proposals that are well presented and supported will still be able to achieve the required amount of signatures to be considered.

Again, this is a perfect opportunity to check out some of the petitions (or start your own) and see if there is anything there you would like to support.  It’s a great way (other than the time tested standard of writing your congressperson) to get involved in the democratic process and make your voice heard.

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White House offers an official response to a petition to build a Death Star

Yes.  This is an actual thing.  The White House has a site ( where the average American citizen can start a petition to implore the government to consider a proposal, with the condition that it attracts at least 25,000 signatures.

Well, someone decided to petition the government of the United States of America to build a Death Star and received a whopping 34,435 signatures, prompting an official response from the White House. And it was awesome! This must be the geekiest administration I’ve been witness to, which in my mind is a good thing.

Read the full response below or at the official White House website:

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Donald Trump is [behaving like] a pompous ass

A few days ago, Donald Trump announced that he will no longer serve Glenfiddich single malt scotch whiskey at any of the bars in his properties because the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland – Top Scot title was awarded (by public vote) to Michael Forbes, who refused to sell his land to Donald Trump as part of Trump’s plans to build a golf course. Forbes is a farmer and has lived on the land for 43 years.  The fact that the contest is only sponsored by Glenfiddich’s parent company William Grant and Sons and decided by a public vote shows how ridiculous The Donald is being in his decision.

So, everyone raise a glass of Glenfiddich in honor of Michael Forbes for both winning the Top Scot award and for not being bullied into selling his land!

Raise a glass of Glenfiddich

Raise a glass